Name: Nicole
Age: 43 years
Favourite product: IMEDEEN Time Perfection™
Using IMEDEEN since: 2005

I wanted to try another way to give moisture to my skin and decided to try Imedeen. The tablets as well as drinking lots of water gave visible results and the motivation to continue. It also gives me the feeling that I am doing something sensible and good for my skin, from within. With a busy daily life, it is nice to know that I am giving my skin a good start, everyday. After a while it was difficult to see the on-going benefits, so I stopped taking Imedeen and the result wasn't positive:

- the number of  fine wrinkles had increased and were deeper
- the dry skin on my shins was difficult to keep soft with moisturizing creams - something had to be done!

So I decided to change my skincare routine again:

- a new healthier daily regime
- take Imedeen and drink water
- keep motivated

Soon this gave visible results and:

- smile
- happiness
- surprise
- the natural healthy glow is back in my cheeks
- some days the deeper wrinkles seem almost invisible
- there are noticeably fewer fine lines around my eyes

Imedeen means a lot for my self esteem. When I am doing something good for myself on a daily basis, it influences other decisions. At the same time, Imedeen has become an investment that is more than just about skincare. My choice of investing in my skin influences my daily lifestyle and has given me more healthy habits. It is not only the outer beauty that is nourished with Imedeen - I feel more beautiful from within, physically and mentally :)