Name: Olga
Age: 48 years
Favourite product: IMEDEEN Prime Renewal™

When I was about 37, I noticed that my usually good, though pale skin was becoming too dry and a bit blotchy. I tried different creams and moisturizers, but the skin still was getting dry. One day someone even made a comment about that. I asked my very good friend, whose skin looked excellent, which product should I try and she told me about the miracle pills, she assured me, that if I start taking Imedeen, my skin will look like I am in my twenties. It was a good reason to begin. I started the same day.

In spite of expected changes in a few months, I noticed the first improvement in a few weeks. After 2-3 months the change became very obvious. I stopped using make up on my skin, no more foundations, powder, blushes as the skin color became naturally healthy and glowing from inside.

I am a performer, composer and what one calls a public figure. I often have to be on the stage and attend big social functions. However even then, on stage I do not need to wear any make up on my skin, I do not want to spoil the natural look. I only once had a facial and it was 15 years ago. In the morning I wash my face and then put the moisturizer on. In the evening the skin looks the same as in the morning.

Once an old acquaintance who had not seen me for a long time asked me whether I had a face lift. I had been taking Imedeen then for about two years.

My friend, who is a doctor, believes that Imedeen is very good for general health as well, all the ingredients are natural and enjoy a long and well deserved excellent reputation.

I could also say, it did save me a lot of the money, which I do not have to spend on the blushes and the foundations, but instead invest in the healthy supplement. I would call it an investment in youth.

I love Imedeen for many reasons, which I've already mentioned. I would say, that Imedeen brings the natural glow and radiance from inside, which none of the creams could possible do, they are icing on the cake, a very important superficial part I do appreciate. I, for example, like the Yon-ka creams, moisturizers and other products which I use, however Imedeen is the foundation, the basis of the young and healthy skin from WITHIN. Amazing thing is, that even when I do not feel well, have flu or am very tired, overworked or lacking sleep, my skin still does not betray me! My husband says that he is not sympathetic when I am not well because I always look well and healthy. (Men...) 

I do constantly recommend Imedeen to everybody I know. Only a few months ago I sent two big packs to the USA for my friends, one of them is in her sixties. She is having it for the first time in her life and she told me that it is the miracle product and the elixir of youth.

Finally... One of my friends gave me a book by the famous New Zealand writer and critic C.K. Stead, the title is - 'Book Self'. There on the page 301 Mr Stead mentions our meeting in a very flattering way for me. He describes me, including my age (then 42, it was about 6 years ago), and calls me extraordinary, beautiful (that is the matter of taste, of course);

he writes, I quote:

' - beautiful, but more than beautiful - in some peculiar way radiant.'

I am sure this radiance he mentions comes partly from my character and mainly from Imedeen!!!