Name: Debbie
Age:  51 years
Favourite product: IMEDEEN Prime Renewal™
Using IMEDEEN since: 2008

I became post menopausal 2 years ago - I couldn't believe it - I didn't feel old enough! but then I knew that my body was changing and I wanted to do something about the effects of hormonal ageing. I needed to take care of myself from within - that's why Imedeen appealed to me. It was the strength of the brand and knowing Prime Renewal had been developed for women just like me.

My skin is definitively softer and more luminous, not just facially, but all over! Great for one of those new fake spray tans!

My facial lines around the eyes and mouth area have softened and my make up looks so much better when it's applied - but there are other benefits too - my hair has become thicker and shinier. My nails used to flake and break off - now they are strong and healthy looking - fabulous with a French manicure!

It' so easy to take, with night and day tablets clearly labelled. They're small and easy to swallow which is actually quite an important factor when taken every day. I love the website and with all those top tips, it?s good to know there are other women out there like me. It was a fabulous idea to have a role model like the gorgeous Sue, who won the modelling competition last year - women in their 50's can be everything they want to be!