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Orders and shipping 

  1. How do I know which IMEDEEN Product to take?

    IMEDEEN skincare tablets are recommended to anyone who wishes to maintain a naturally beautiful and healthy appearance. IMEDEEN products are specifically tailored to the changing needs of the skin in every stage of your life. Check out the full range of products here to know which products suit your age and needs. You could also take the Lifestyle Skin Assessment survey to find out which IMEDEEN skincare tablets are right for you.

  2. What do I get as an IMEDEEN Beauty Club Member?

    As an Imeeden Beauty Club members, you will receive 15% discount on regular items all year round, birthday discounts, exclusive invitations to events and other privileges. Find out more about IMEDEEN Beauty Club member benefits.

  3. How do I become an IMEDEEN Beauty Club member?

    To become an IMEDEEN Beauty Club member, simply register here.

  4. What are the payment options available?

    We currently accept payment through credit card/debit card and PayPal.

  5. How long will it take for me to receive my orders?

    After we receive your order, we will verify your payment and prepare your package. You will receive it in 2-6 working days.

  6. Can I change my order once it’s submitted?

    It depends. If the product had been packed and picked up by our courier partner, we will not be able to change the product anymore.

  7. Is there a number I could call for more information?

    Yes, you could reach us @ +65 9771 6543 during office hours from 1030am to 630pm.

  8. Do you ship to overseas address?

    Yes, we now ship to Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. For the international shipping details, please click HERE

  9. Do you still carry Radiant Complexion?

    No, Imedeen has discontinued sales of Radiant Complexion, you might want to substitute it with Time Perfection which contains higher level of anti-oxidant, grape seed extract and Vitamin C.

How effective is Imedeen?

  1. Can IMEDEEN be taken over a longer period of time? Can I take IMEDEEN permanently?

    Yes. As IMEDEEN skincare tablets are a food supplement with natural source ingredients, there is no indication that you should not take them for as long as you wish. IMEDEEN skincare tablets are developed to be a permanent part of your daily skincare routine. Clinical studies have shown that IMEDEEN skincare tablets are safe for long-term use. An efficacy and safety study carried out over more than a year clearly demonstrates this. IMEDEEN skincare tablets have also been through rigorous toxicological tests, confirming that they are a safe product. Furthermore, we know of loyal consumers and celebrities who have been using IMEDEEN skincare tablets ever since their launch, back in 1991.

  2. What happens if I stop taking IMEDEEN?

    The condition your skin was in before you started taking IMEDEEN skincare tablets was the result of many years of skin deterioration. Similarly, should you stop using IMEDEEN skincare tablets, the results you have obtained will not disappear overnight, but will reduce gradually. While we have not examined the pace at which this happens, we know from consumer experiences that it varies from person to person; some say after as little as one month and others have reported from four to six months.

  3. Does IMEDEEN show an effect on other parts of the body?

    Yes. During the studies, the effects of IMEDEEN skincare tablets on the face were shown by ultrasound measurements and clinical grading. Furthermore, in the IMEDEEN Prime RenewalTM study, the skin on the hands and on the décolletage (upper part of the chest) were investigated with equally good results. In the IMEDEEN Time PerfectionTM study, 67% of the women taking the product noticed improved texture and decreased dryness on the skin all over their bodies.

Formula and ingredients

  1. Are there any additives in IMEDEEN?

    IMEDEEN skincare tablets are based on natural ingredients. They do not contain lactose, added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

  2. What is the difference between marine protein and fish oils?

    Fish oils are an energy source and building blocks for cell membranes while fish proteins are building blocks for various proteins including collagen, fibrillin, and elastin, which are important to the structure and density of the skin. Marine proteins contain high amounts of both essential and non-essential amino acids. Amino acids are direct building blocks for numerous vital proteins in the body. The skin is no exception. Of special importance in the skin are collagen and elastin proteins, important for the structure and density of the skin. Marine proteins contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formation (synthesis) of collagen and elastin. Fish oils are made of fatty acids and glycerol. Their main function in the body, including the skin, is as an energy source and building blocks for cell membranes. Fish oils contain a large proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in maintaining membrane fluidity.

  3. What is the Marine Complex?

    The Marine Complex, exclusive to IMEDEEN's anti-ageing skincare tablets, is an extract rich in proteins and polysaccharides similar to those naturally found in the skin's supportive tissue which are essential for skin structure and moisture.

  4. Is IMEDEEN halal?

    The Marine Complex in IMEDEEN's anti-ageing skincare tablets is not halal.

  5. Does IMEDEEN contain fat? Will the use of IMEDEEN cause weight increase?

    IMEDEEN skincare tablets do not contain fat. Furthermore, in scientific tests, six months intake of IMEDEEN skincare tablets caused no change in weight on average.

  6. What is an antioxidant?

    An a ntioxidant helps defend the skin against the signs of ageing by neutralizing free radicals. Found naturally in the body and skin, antioxidants are stable molecules from which free radicals can "steal" an extra electron. Once they have acquired an extra electron, free radicals are neutralized. In this way, antioxidants effectively help defend the skin against free radical damage and prevent premature ageing.

When and how to use it?

  1. Can I take IMEDEEN together with other antioxidants?

    Yes, IMEDEEN skincare tablets are based on natural ingredients in doses that can be taken in combination with other vitamin and mineral supplements. It is safe to include as a regular part of your diet along with vitamins, health foods and other dietary supplements.

  2. What should I do if I forget to take one, two or more tablets?

    Don't worry - we recommend that you just continue taking the recommended dose of tablets per day. Try keeping IMEDEEN skincare tablets with your regular beauty products so it becomes an integral part of your skincare routine.

  3. Can I take IMEDEEN while I am pregnant or breast feeding?

    We recommend that pregnant and breast-feeding women, in general, do not take any food supplements unless recommended by their doctor.

  4. How should IMEDEEN be stored?

    IMEDEEN skincare tablets are optimally protected in the aluminium foil packaging. For best results, leave the tablets in the original packaging until use. Store IMEDEEN skincare tablets in a dry, cool (below 25°C) place, away from children.

  5. Do I have to take IMEDEEN with food?

    We recommend taking the IMEDEEN tablets with food, but it is not mandatory.