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Every new member will get 200 points for FREE upon signup; 200 points for every successful referral (you can get your referral link from here: https://www.prettyhealthy.sg/my-account/points); 400 points for every unique product review; and 2X member points when you spend 15 days before till 15 days after your birthdate! 

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A few of the Scott’s vitamins are halal certified, please check out the product description of each product for details. The rest are not. 

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Imedeen Products

Pretty Healthy is the official online retailer of IMEDEEN products in Singapore. Our stocks are sourced from IMEDEEN Singapore directly and this is the pricing recommended by IMEDEEN. We would recommend that you purchase from verified sources to ensure the IMEDEEN products you consume are genuine products for health and safety reasons.

IMEDEEN skincare tablets are recommended to anyone who wishes to maintain a naturally beautiful and healthy appearance. IMEDEEN products are specifically tailored to the changing needs of the skin in every stage of your life.

IMEDEEN Prime Renewal tablets are bio-marine complex, blend of antioxidants and ViTea Extracts, which is designed to stimulate formation of collagen, which is as an anti-wrinkle formula helps improve skin firmness. This product is best suitable for people aged 45 years and above.

While for IMEDEEN Time Perfection tablets are bio-marine complex and blend of antioxidants, which is designed to nourish deeper layers of skin. This product is best suitable for consumers 30 and above years of age.

There is no restriction on what can be taken but these are just the recommended ages for the different products.

You could also take the Lifestyle Skin Assessment survey to find out which IMEDEEN skincare tablets are right for you.

Yes, IMEDEEN is suitable to both men and women. 

We regret that it is not available anymore. However, you might want to substitute it with Time Perfection tablets instead which contains higher level of antioxidant, grape seed extract and Vitamin C.

Yes of course! As IMEDEEN skincare tablets are food supplements made with natural source of ingredients, it is perfectly safe to take them for long periods of time. IMEDEEN skincare tablets are developed to be a permanent part of your daily skincare routine.

Furthermore, clinical studies have shown that IMEDEEN skincare tablets are safe for long-term use. An efficacy and safety study carried out over more than a year has clearly demonstrated this. IMEDEEN skincare tablets have also been through rigorous toxicological tests, confirming it is a safe product. On top of that, we do have loyal consumers and celebrities who have been using IMEDEEN skincare tablets ever since it was launched in 1991.

Typically, results will show after 12 weeks of usage.

Time Perfection -> 2 per day

Prime Renewal -> 2 per day, 2 per night

If you stop consuming IMEDEEN skincare tablets, the results you have obtained will not disappear overnight, but will be reduced gradually. While we have not examined the pace in which this happens, it varies across individuals. We do understand from past consumer experiences that it may take as short as one month or four to six months for the results to completely wear off.

Yes. During the studies, the effects of IMEDEEN skincare tablets on the face were shown by ultrasound measurements and clinical grading. Furthermore, according to the IMEDEEN Prime RenewalTM study, the skin on the hands and the décolletage (upper part of the chest) were shown to produce equally good results. As for IMEDEEN Time PerfectionTM study, 67% of women who have consumed the product noticed improved texture and decreased dryness on the skin all over their bodies.

Yes. We can mail 3 boxes to you every 3 months, or 6 boxes every 6 months, upon request.

Imedeen Formula and Ingredients

The Marine Complex in IMEDEEN’s anti-ageing skincare tablets is not halal.

IMEDEEN skincare tablets are made only with natural ingredients. They do not contain lactose, added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring.

Fish oils are an energy source and building blocks for cell membranes while fish proteins are building blocks for various proteins including collagen, fibrillin, and elastin, which are important to the structure and density of the skin. Marine proteins contain high amounts of both essential and non-essential amino acids. Amino acids are direct building blocks for numerous vital proteins in the body.

The skin is no exception. Of special importance to the skin are collagen and elastin proteins, important for the structure and density of the skin. Marine proteins contain high amounts of amino acids and peptides directly involved in the formation (synthesis) of collagen and elastin. Fish oils are made of fatty acids and glycerol. Their main function in the body, including the skin, is as an energy source and building blocks for cell membranes. Fish oils contain a large proportion of omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in maintaining membrane fluidity.

The Marine Complex, exclusive to IMEDEEN’s anti-ageing skincare tablets, is an extract rich in proteins and polysaccharides similar to those naturally found in our skin’s supportive tissue which are essential for skin structure and moisture.

Antioxidants effectively help defend the skin against free radical damage and prevent premature ageing.

Imedeen When and how to consume the tablets

Yes, IMEDEEN skincare tablets are based on natural ingredients in doses that is safe to include it as a regular part of your diet along with other vitamins, health foods and dietary supplements.

Do not worry! we recommend that you just continue taking the recommended dose of tablets per day. Try keeping IMEDEEN skincare tablets with your regular beauty products so it becomes an integral part of your skincare routine.

We recommend that pregnant and breast-feeding women, in general, do not take any food supplements unless recommended by their doctor.

IMEDEEN skincare tablets are optimally protected in the aluminium foil packaging. For best results, leave the tablets in the original packaging until use.

Store IMEDEEN skincare tablets in a dry, cool (below 25°C) place, away from children.

We recommend taking the IMEDEEN tablets with food, but it is not mandatory.