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How to stay young forever?

Is there a ‘Best Time’ for Change?

“I am too old to do this.”

“Change is overwhelming.”

“What if I fail?

Many times, these are the voices that stop many of us from making the best out of life. However, at forty-four, Camilia decided to face her fears to pursue new dreams, interests and choices – from changing jobs and learning a new sport to trying new ways on how to stay youthful in and out.

camilia school

A New Job

Camilia had been working in the same school for the past 23 years as a primary school teacher.  Although she truly enjoyed her job and loved guiding young students, she felt that it was time for her to move on and upgrade her skills. And so she stepped out of her comfort zone to shift to another job. Although it’s still in the same industry, her new job at the Ministry of Education entails new responsibilities and working environment.

“My working hours, holidays and working style will all change, but I just want to give it a try. I need to learn new things. It’s never too late,” says Camilia.

camilia walking soccer

A New Hobby

Apart from shifting careers, she also recently joined a walking soccer team. It’s a huge challenge as Camilia admits to never having any inclinations towards sports.

“But it’s quite fun; it’s an all-ladies team. There’s no running. We just have to walk all the time while kicking the soccer ball around. Many times, I have to fight the urge to run,” she quips. “We train very hard, every Saturday and Sunday.”

Her team even competed at Petaling Jaya for an official Walking Football match! Though they lost by 1-0 at the penalty, Camilia is looking forward to winning the rematch end of this year.

camilia beauty

A New Step

When Camilia turned 40, she knew she had to bring caring for herself to the next level. Aside from keeping active, one of the new steps she took was to try skin supplements. It was then that her friends and colleagues recommended Imedeen to her. Imedeen is a skin supplement that helps the body to build its own supply of collagen.

Since 2013, Camilia has been a loyal Imedeen user, as she believes that Imedeen helps to keep her wrinkles and pigmentation at bay.

Camilia shares, “Consistency is very important when taking supplements. If you give up after just a few months, you won’t be able to see visible results. I go for a facial once a month, too, and I think that also helps.”

Never too Late

Camilia took bold steps to challenge her limits, pursue different dreams and nurture the beauty that comes from within. It’s more than just a change of career and routine. It’s a beautiful journey of self-discovery.

If there’s one thing to take away from her story, it’s that when it comes learning to love ourselves more, there’s no such thing as starting ‘too late’. There’s just only ‘right about time’.