Check out these 10 effortless ways to look younger!

Check out these 10 effortless ways to look younger!

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There’s no such thing as a fountain of youth, but here are the next best alternatives to defy your skin’s age – and they don’t have to involve an elaborate 20-step skincare routine!

1. Avoid straws

Any repetitive muscle movement causes wrinkles. Don’t let that stop you from smiling – staying happy is the best anti-aging trick in the book – but cultivate good habits such as not using straws, as constantly pursing your lips causes wrinkles around your mouth.

2. Go for regular eye checks

In the same vein, it doesn’t take much effort to hit up your optometrist for an eye check every now and then – frequently squinting your eyes due to poor vision will cause premature wrinkles around the eyes.

3. Switch up your make-up


Remember what they told you about matching your foundation to your skin tone? You can throw that advice out the window now – it’s your inner rebel’s time to shine.

Your complexion tends to grow paler with age, so pick a warmer foundation shade to avoid looking ashy.

4. Sleep right

If you’re constantly sleeping on your side, the nightly act of pressing your face onto your pillow can let sleep wrinkles creep onto your face.

I know – it’s just too comfortable! If you can’t sleep on your back, try silk pillowcases to lessen the impact, and at least alternate sides.

But most importantly, SLEEP!

5. Up your sex frequency

Getting things fired up under the sheets can give you younger-looking skin. It’s no layman’s advice – the British Psychological Society said so. And what reason is there not to heed this suggestion?

6. Allow yourself cheat days



I could go on and on about healthy foods you ought to be eating, but nobody likes having green juices every single day.

Reward yourself with an occasional treat to unwind – don’t age the mind quicker than you age your skin, it’ll show up!

7. Look Up

Tech-neck: sagging jowls due to constantly looking down at handheld devices. If there’s a term for it, you know it’s serious.

Hold your phone at eye level. Or better yet, put down your phone, and experience the real world better!

8. Don’t be a quitter

Don’t ditch your skincare products too quickly if you don’t see instant results – one skin cycle (new cells reaching the top layer of your skin) takes 30 days, so it typically takes about a month to see a difference a product can make to your skin.

Bouncing from product to product is not only futile, bombarding your skin with too many different ingredients can also overwork and aggravate it instead.

9. Take care of the rest of your body

It’s not just the facial wrinkles that give it away. When giving your face some TLC, don’t neglect your neck either. And the nails – the first signs of aging manifest on our hands, and nicely manicured nails can take years off it.

Eat yourself beautiful

Anti-aging skincare isn’t just skin-deep – you may be taking good care of your skin on the outside, but it’s ultimately also a reflection of what’s happening on the inside. Pill supplements work by targeting chemicals in your body responsible for the aging – or anti-aging – of your skin.

The IMEDEEN Time Perfection skincare tablets are packed with ingredients to keep your skin soft and supple – the Marine Complex™ contains fish proteins and polysaccharides similar to those found in the skin’s supportive structure; the anti-oxidant Lycopene and grape seed extract also work to strengthen your skin.