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Everything you need to know about wrinkles

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The who when how of wrinkles

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If you’re like most other women in their mid-30s and 40s, staring into the mirror can seem like staring at a stranger. Whether it was the first time you tried to dye your hair, or started to use anti-wrinkle creams, we all have our tricks to hold back the years. But how can we really deal with wrinkles?

Years before wrinkles become visible, they have secretly been forming beneath your skin’s surface and much of this is because of the depletion of collagen. After the age of 25, the average person produces 1% less collagen every year, which means that each year, our skin becomes less supple and smooth. Understanding why it happens is the first step to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

The science behind wrinkles

Your skin comprises of three layers. The outer layer is called the epidermis and is a flexible layer over the second softer middle layer called the dermis. The epidermis, which is mostly flat, contains cells that produce melanin, which gives your skin its color. The dermis is what contains all of the blood, hair follicles, oil, and sweat.

There are many factors that might contribute to wrinkles, such as natural aging, sun damage, muscle movement, injury, surgery, acne, other skin diseases, smoking and more. This may or may not come as a surprise but 90% of the skin wrinkles that dermatologists treat in patients are from excessive exposure to the sun, rather than the normal process of aging!

So how do wrinkles form?

As you age, your epidermis loses its ability to hold on to moisture, which leads to fine lines in the skin’s surface. Deeper in the skin, collagen and elastin break down, which weakens the skin’s support structure. At the same time, fat starts to disappear from the skin’s deepest layers, which leads to sagging. Together, these effects create deeper wrinkles, like frown lines and furrows.

Build your Own Collagen Supply

No amount of facial cream can smoothen the top layer of the skin if the dermis is losing its firmness. Collagen is the key to youthful, bouncy, and healthy skin. Many have tried taking collagen supplements as a ‘quick’ fix but since collagen molecules are too big to get absorbed from the stomach effectively, this can lead to little to no effect or temporary results. The best way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of skin aging is to help your body manufacture collagen and be able to retain it from within.