Hide those wrinkles with these simple makeup tips!

Hide those wrinkles with these simple makeup tips!

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They say wrinkles tell our life’s stories. Great.

Wrinkles also happen to tell our age…. Okay, this may not be so great.

But don’t fret! If you ever find yourself in some sticky situation (a family reunion or a date, maybe?) and need emergency fixes to hide your wrinkles, here are some nifty makeup tips to save the day:

1)    Use a hydrating foundation. If you’re afraid of showing all the lines that reveal your real age, avoid the matte look at all cost. Go dewy!

2)    Use a moisturiser. Okay, this is not really makeup but it will help your makeup look even better. Read Tip #1 again.

3)    Start with a primer containing silicone. Silicones are great in filling in gaps and lines and giving the skin a ‘fake’ smooth appearance. However, using them too often might also clog the skin and can potentially cause allergies and, yikes, more wrinkles!

4)    Make your eyes look bigger. Brighter-looking eyes can take the focus away from your wrinkles. So curl up those lashes and finish off with a good mascara.

5)    Blush, baby. Young skin has a natural glow – notice how babies usually have rosy cheeks? Use a blush that compliments your natural undertones. So if you have a cool skin tone, go for natural-looking pink colors.

But remember, cosmetics are not the REAL answer.

Covering your face up with layers of foundation and concealers all the time can lead to a host of skin problems like clogged pores, overly dry or oily skin and lack-luster complexion.

Cosmetics can clog skin pores and cause you to break out in acne. Dr Ijaz Ahmed, a practicing dermatologist at Ziauddin University Hospital in Karachi says, “Makeup is the root cause of acne or skin problems for over 30% of my female patients.”

Chemicals, used to preserve or help stick to the surface of your skin, can also cause health problems. A majority of cosmetics also contain preservatives called parabens, which have been found to trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body. Chemicals can also be absorbed through your skin’s pores, and cause damage to your body.

So What Can We Do?

While there are hundreds of makeup tricks and tips online promising to help women look younger, always remember that makeup is nothing but a temporary solution to hiding wrinkles, just like botox.

The best way to look good is to nourish your skin from the inside by eating a well-balanced diet, sleeping early and taking supplements that encourage your body to produce collagen from within.