Are these mistakes ruining your best skincare routine?

Are these mistakes ruining your best skincare routine?

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5 Common skincare mistakes you may be making!

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You don’t need complicated routines and a tank-full of products to achieve healthy-looking skin! Taking a few minutes a day for smart skin care can prevent unnecessary damage to your skin and your wallet. Here are 5 of the most important skin care mistakes that surprised me the most. Are you making any of them?

1. Getting your Skin Type All Wrong

The best skin care routine is one that is best suited to your skin type. But many of us are easily whirled into skin care fads and end up going for what ‘sounds’ new and nice.

Unsuitable products can aggravate existing skin conditions. So before you embark on that new wonder skincare routine, visit your dermatologist or refer to readily available online guides to identify your skin type and ensure that it gets what it needs.

2. Ignoring the Ingredients list

We know. Ingredients are boring. But to assess the quality of a product and whether it’s suitable for you, you have to look through the ingredients. Like a boss.

Look for active ingredients, not just fancy labels. Most effective anti-agers include retinoid, peptides, AHAs, ceramides and hydrators like hyaluronic acid. Silicone, a common skincare ‘filler’, makes serums and cream feel good on the skin but actually do nothing in the long run. When looking through the label, make sure that the great ingredients are on top while fillers and preservatives (e.g. parabens) are at the bottom of the list.

3. Piling Products like a Tower of Club Sandwich

Applying tons of products can make them less effective or even cause skin irritation. Most topical products have a 0.03% absorption rate, so slathering on several hydrating formulas will cause them to pile up and hinder penetration. There might also be possible conflicts with active ingredients (like retinol and AHA) in the different formulas.

Whenever possible, observe the Rule of Three. Applying more than three formulas at one time can be potentially too overwhelming for our skin. Rotate your products if you have multiple skin needs or opt for multi-tasking products.

4. Layering Products Randomly

It matters a great deal which products you put on first! Applying them haphazardly can significantly reduce the effectiveness. Fortunately, there are only two rules you need to keep in mind: “Lightest to Thickest Texture” and “Water-Based before Oil-Based Products”.

Light and mostly water-based products (toners, mists, most serums) go first. For light fluids, wait 10-20 seconds before applying the next layer. Oil-based products (oils, creams, balms) are heavier and go last to seal in moisture. Wait 1-2 minutes between products with heavier consistency.

5. Skipping Skin Supplements

A healthy diet is the basis for everything from beauty and health to our well-being. But it’s always easier said than done! As we age, it becomes harder for our body to fully extract key nutrients from the food we consume. Supplements speed up the process of replenishing our body with high concentrations of nutrients/vitamins/minerals that increase our overall health and helps maintain a youthful appearance.

Working supplements into our everyday beauty regime is the way to go! Imedeen’s range of skincare tablets aims to achieve beauty from within through skin regeneration.  For ladies in your 30s, Imedeen Time Perfection will help you on your anti-ageing journey to beautiful, younger skin from inside. Just 2 tablets a day, it’s a hassle-free way to better skin!

Don’t Stress Over Your Skin… Too Much.

This one’s a bonus. We all want glowing skin but there won’t be any glowing if we’re too caught up worrying. We all make mistakes; take it easy.  The most important thing is that we learn from them and swagger away like, oh yes, wiser women with glowing skin!