Jenny is a true-blue skincareholic. She began using skincare products at 16, and started taking
Imedeen anti-aging supplements as soon as she turned 21. To date, Jenny has been a loyal
Imedeen fan for over 25 years.


Jenny shares, “Compared to my friends of the same age, everyone says that I look at least 5
years younger.” So it didn’t take much for Jenny to recruit her sister into the Imedeen fan club. 

Apart from taking Imedeen, how do you take care of your skin?

Jenny: “I use a good moisturizer, then toner and lastly serum. No matter how long my day is, I
never skip this skincare regime. And of course, the most important part is using sun screen. We
must protect our skin from the sun as it does a lot of damage. I also go for facials once a month.
When one takes good care of her skin, she won’t need makeup to make her look good. Although
no one can stop ageing, we can slow it down.”


How about diet and exercise?

J: “Normally I’ll start my day with orange juice and Imedeen, have salad for lunch; and fish,
vegetables and a bit of chicken for dinner. No red meat for me. I love green tea, bread and egg
tarts a lot. And I snack a lot on dried fruits and nuts. “


As for exercise, I go for a 15-min brisk walk after work every day. If I end work late, I make it up
by going for an hour-long session on weekends – early in the morning, though, to avoid the sun.

One of the ways to staying young is to be stress-free, how do you relieve your stress?

J: When I’m stressed, I listen to music, read a book, go out with friends or go shopping. I also like
to look at greens to de-stress. Buffet is another treat; I do let go of myself once or twice a month.
On a longer-term basis, I go for short staycations and travel overseas three times a year. Taking
holidays has been a good way for me to relax and recharge.


With her youthful looks, Jenny proves that even in beauty, there’s truth to the adage that prevention
is better than cure. She continues to reap the benefits of tenderly caring for her skin since her teenage


Jenny shares that she depends mostly on Vitamin C, rosehip oil and Imedeen to take good care of
her sensitive skin.


“I cannot live a day without Imedeen, I must carry it with me every day and I feel horrible whenever
I missed taking one.”