Centrum® Silver (100 tabs)


A complete multivitamin for both Men and Women aged 50 years and above, Centrum® for Silver is made with vitamins and minerals to support your changing nutritional needs and gaps.

Suitable For:
Men and Women 50 years and Above

100 Tablets

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Scientifically Proven Benefits

Centrum’s effects are backed by 30 years of nutritional science and over 100,00 patient years of clinical studies.

Vit-C for Immunity
16 Nutrients
Electrolytes & Antioxidants
Skin Health

From the World’s No. 1 Multivitamin

Made to fill your changing nutritional needs and gaps, Centrum® for Silver is fortified with Lutein for healthy eyes and Lycopene for a healthy heart on top of other important vitamins and minerals to support you through your silver years. It is also suitable for sharing.

Each Centrum® Silver Tablet Contains

Directions for Consumption:

Take one tablet with water after food daily


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