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The Magic Behind IMEDEEN Anti-Ageing Supplements

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The anti-aging journey of a fabulous 56!

Radiant and happy at 56 years old, Patricia never fails to give strangers a big surprise.

She shares, “When I went for a job interview last time, the interviewers were all shocked when they heard my age. They thought I was much younger!”

Patricia claims that her youthful looks are due to taking good care of herself and finding happiness in whatever she does. Every day, she starts her morning with a Zoomba session at home; prepares meals for her family and then spends the rest of her time looking after her grandchildren. She also creates bespoke flower bouquets to keep her mind creatively busy.

“Life is short… you must keep yourself young, both physically and mentally,” she adds.

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The start of her anti-aging journey.

When it comes to aging gracefully, Patricia believes in starting early.
“We should start taking care of our skin from young. I don’t believe in miracles. If you don’t do anything about your skin, how do you expect to always look younger than your age?”

Patricia tried several anti-aging supplements during her 20s but it was in her mid-30s that she first discovered Imedeen Time Perfection. It’s a skin supplement which combats visible signs of aging in women aged 30 and above by helping the body regenerate its own supply of collagen.

“I know there’s no magic formula, so when I try a new product, I always give it at least three months to see the result. When I tried Imedeen Time Perfection for the first time, I took no other beauty products or supplement so that I’ll know whatever changes or lack of will be due to Imedeen.”

After just one month on Imedeen, Patricia felt the difference. She noticed the glow on her skin and in her words, “Even my own body felt better!”

Imedeen is already part of her life.

Since then, Patricia hasn’t looked back. She took Imedeen Time Perfection for 15 years. When she turned fabulous 50, she upgraded to Imedeen Prime Renewal, which has higher levels of Imedeen’s exclusive Marine Complex™ that helps combat the effects of hormonal ageing for women aged 50 and above.

She says, “After taking Imedeen for so many years, it has already become part of my life. I don’t feel right if I forgot to take it even for just one day.”

With the priceless joy of taking care of her family, a positive outlook in life, good health and Imedeen, Patricia looks forward to more fabulous years ahead!

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