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Incorporate these “magical ingredients” for Anti-ageing Effects

For hundreds of years, humans have been pursuing the secret of longevity and immortality.

The Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang resorted to ingesting mercury tablets prescribed by his royal subjects and Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon was in search of a fabled fountain that would restore the youth of all who bathed in its waters. Those were farfetched beliefs that proved futile and even fatal.

Science has ventured far from those mythical days, we have learnt that the true secret lies in nature. In this article, we will explore some of the ‘’magical’’ ingredients that preserve supple and healthy skin while staving off the adverse effects of ageing.



An impressive antioxidant that fends off against myriad diseases while bestowing a range of beneficial effects on the body such as lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Ancient philosophers believed in the adage ‘’as above so below’’, this applies to health. A strong body will result in a glowing luster that exudes through the skin and lycopene is one potent agent of vitality.

Lycopene is naturally supplied through reddish fruits such as tomatoes, guava (especially the pink variant) and watermelon. Based on scientific research, the risks of breast cancer, heart disease and even baldness are reduced with the use of lycopene.

Being fat-soluble, the absorption rate of lycopene by the body is greatly improved by adding some fat to a lycopene dish.


Vitamin C

The most popular of vitamins and the poster child of good health. Vitamin C is found mostly in citric fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons. Through supplementation, children from as young as the age of one have been given vitamin C to build their immune systems.

An experiment on the potent effects of Vitamin C can be demonstrated by applying lemon juice on the exposed surface of a sliced piece of apple. The browning effect due to oxidization is absorbed by the ascorbic acid properties of the lemon juice, keeping the apple unblemished.

Vitamin C offers a similarly profound effect in skin cells, keeping the epidermis fresh and unharmed by oxidative processes.


Grape Seed Extract

Originating from the core of grapes, these gems are nutritious in antioxidants such as catechins and epicatechins, substances that reduce cell damage while preventing a variety of diseases.

Due to its concentrated levels of flavonoids, grape seed extract is often applied in the field of skincare, to improve the elasticity of skin and keeping away dreadful occurrences of wrinkles, age spots and other forms of blemishes while stimulating the production of collagen, which is responsible for the reparation and reproduction of skin cells.



Through the hustle and bustle of modern life, our skin often takes a beating through the high-stress levels that we are exposed to. Thus, it is essential that supplements are used to fulfil our health needs.

Consider Imedeen Time Perfection, a powerful combination of the ingredients listed above that is bound to enhance your skincare through its unique formula containing the exclusive BioMarine Complex™ that bolsters the natural supportive structure of your skin and LycoPhene GS™, a defence system comprising lycopene harvested from non-GM tomatoes, which improves vitality and keeps you radiating with confidence against the ageing process.

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