Why IMEDEEN Is The Best Skincare Supplement

Why IMEDEEN Is The Best Skincare Supplement

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In today’s consumer world, we expect research, recommendations and a star rating to make any decision, from booking a holiday to buying a car. With the information available, we never have to ‘take a chance’ on our purchases. The same goes for skincare.

Today’s skincare is smarter and savvier than ever before. Put through rigorous testing, skincare products are held to the highest degree of scrutiny. All of this is done for us, to provide the best experience and result possible.

With skincare supplements, this is especially important and the award-winning IMEDEEN® brand leads the way. Since 1991, IMEDEEN® has been pioneering the science of beauty from within and today is acclaimed as the most studied skincare supplement in the world with 10 clinical trials and a number of in-vitro and consumer studies supporting the range.

Scientifically proven secret from the sea

Only IMEDEEN® skincare supplements contain the naturally derived Biomarine Complex, rich in moisture-binding polysaccharides and proteins, similar to those found naturally in the skin. Each age-adjusted formulation is built around this key ingredient and enhanced with different levels of antioxidant nutrients to target signs of aging where they begin; deep down in the skin’s dermal layer where creams and lotions cannot reach.

Results can be seen in as little as 90 days


92% of women say regular use improves the quality of their skin*

*Beauty Club 2013 study, 1455 respondents

Skin appearance is influenced by the quality of the dermis, the deep structural layer comprising collagen, elastin and moisture retaining elements. The diagram above shows how IMEDEEN® skincare tablets work from the inside to strengthen the skin’s foundation and produce visibly smoother, more beautiful skin on the surface.

“The science is impressive but what I love most is how my skin looks and feels” – Sarah, IMEDEEN® Time Perfection user

Bringing the science to life

The IMEDEEN® in-store skin scanning service illustrates the density and thickness of the skin and allows customers to objectively track skin improvements. Put IMEDEEN® skincare tablets to the test and discover the big difference a little extra support can make to your skin.

Find out more about IMEDEEN®, the world’s most studied skincare supplement brand on https://www.imedeen.com.sg/